Dallas Hetherington

Photographer, Conservationist

Proceeds only benefit
conservation-related projects!

My Background

After a long career as an innovation leader at a global chemical company, I became drawn to looking at the world in a new way — one inspired by the wonders of nature. 

Taking my camera, my wife, Lesley, and our kids to new locations throughout the world, I've often moved to record spectacular wild, scenic, and architectural phenomena.

I'm equally passionate about my backyard in New Jersey, where the American Bald Eagle has made a momentous comeback, and I monitor local nests, also capturing some beautiful landscapes in the region.


In addition to photography, I serve as the current board president of Raritan Headwaters Association, a nonprofit conservation organization that protects the water in our rivers, streams, and homes. There, I help to deliver on the vision that everyone should have access to safe, clean water that is swimmable, fishable, and of course drinkable.  It's amazing what goes into protecting our water! Please contact me or visit Raritan Headwaters' website, or headquarters at Fairview Farm, Bedminster, NJ to learn more.

Within my conservation work, I also help to promote C-Change Conversations of Princeton, NJ, to spread the word about climate change in a way that helps people understand the urgency of the issue. I hope to educate people about the science and risks of climate change by framing it not as a political issue, but as a human one. If everyone knew the issue as I do, they'd be very concerned or worried. Do you understand climate change and what you can do about it? If you know of a potential host for this presentation, we'd love to present! Please contact me or visit C-Change Conversations' website to learn more.

My portfolio and prints for sale:

All the benefits from selling my images go to top-notch conservation groups: C-Change Conversations, or Raritan Headwaters Association.

Below are my photo galleries. There's a page about Pricing (which also covers products and ordering), and a page for contacting me.  Reach out and I will work to print and ship you exactly what you want. I use excellent print resources and offer a wide variety of substrates. If you're curious about what else I may have in my portfolio of thousands of images, please contact me. I'll be happy to work with you to find something you'll love.

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“The diversity of life on this planet is a miraculous gift. What gives me the greatest joy is being able to share glimpses of it. I hope my work stands as a testament to the power of timeless beauty and as a reminder that we must not take our fellow wild creatures for granted.”

—Thomas D. Mangelsen